Blood Orange Extra Marmalade with Bourbon Vanilla 160g - Tasting Sicily

Marmalade, Jams & CreamBlood Orange Extra Marmalade with Bourbon Vanilla 160g


This traditionally homemade hand cut Sicilian Red Orange Marmalade is made from locally grown freshly picked non treated fruit using the entire orange, slowly reduced with only sugar added in a large copper marmalade pan, stirring occasionally.

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The special touch is the real Bourbon vanilla, which is added to each jar, creating a balanced composition of success.

The scent of vanilla is really the icing on the “i.” Oranges used are untreated and are grown in asustainable way.
The jam is cooked gently in small quantities, using the whole fruit including the skin, together with the sugar in a copper pot with no added colors or preservatives.

The”Tarocco” orange stems from the oldest blood orange of Italy, and as the experts say, the best varieties of bloodoranges.

It has few seeds and a slightly reddish flesh with
a particularly fine flavor.

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg


Accompanying it in yogurt or sob cheese like ricotta, you will be impressed


Blood Orange whole fruit (55%), Sugar (40%), Bourbon Vanilla (5%)

Nutritional Value


  • Energy in kcal/kj: 218,7/918,4
  • Fat in g: 0,2
    • of which Saturates 0,0
  • Carbohydrate in g: 50,0
    • of which Sugars 45,0
  • Protein in g: 1,0
  • Salt in g: 0,000


  • Lactose: NO
  • Gluten: NO
  • Egg: NO
  • Soya: NO
  • Dried Fruits: NO
  • Fish: NO
  • Crustacean: NO
  • Celery: NO


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