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Patè, spread and pestoEggplant Caponata Spread 170g


A very Sicilian speciality with strong arabic influence.

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A very Sicilian speciality with strong arabic influence (one of many of the multicultural heritage of Sicilian cooking). Raw materials of highest quality are important for the typical and full bodies taste of a true Sicilian caponata. The different vegetables are each cooked separately just to the point. In a last step they are joined together in a large frying pan and given the finishing touch by adding just the right amount of vinegar and sugar.

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Additional information

Weight 0.36 kg


Serve cold or at room temperature. Delicious with white
toasted bread. Serve with grilled meat as a vegetable
dish. And why not serve with cheese Fondue or Raclette.


Eggplant (40%), Bell Pepper (27%), Sunflower oil, Onion, Celery (7%), Sugar, White wine vinegar/Apple vinegar (Halal Version), Sea salt.

Nutritional Value


  • Energy in kcal/kj: 161,6/678,8
  • Fat in g: 15
    • of which Saturates 1,4
  • Carbohydrate in g: 2,4
    • of which Sugars 2,3
  • Protein in g: 1,2
  • Salt in g: 8


  • Lactose: NO
  • Gluten: NO
  • Egg: NO
  • Soya: NO
  • Dried Fruits: NO
  • Fish: NO
  • Crustacean: NO
  • Celery: YES


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