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Condiments and SpicesCapers in Sea Salt 170g


Conserved and packed in sea salt our capers maintain their very own typically mediterranean “capery” taste.

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The capers are picked by hand and in a complicated and laborious procedure they are cured in sea salt for about 20 days to extract bitterness and to “ripen“ the capers for culinary use. Conserved and packed in sea salt they maintain their very own typically mediterranean “capery” taste.

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Weight 0.36 kg


Rinse capers well under running water and drain. Pat dry with kitchen paper. Add to salads, to tomato sauce, to stews, fish soups and grilled fish and they will enrich any dish with their very mediterranean bouquet. As Fingerfood just stir fry the rinsed and dried capers in olive oil until crisp and slightly browned. Drain, cool, pick on toothpicks and buon appetito!


Capers (80%), Sea salt.

Nutritional Value


  • Energy in kcal/kj: 23/96,6
  • Fat in g: 0,86
    • of which Saturates 0,23
  • Carbohydrate in g: 4,9
    • of which Sugars 0,41
  • Protein in g: 2,35
  • Salt in g: 10,8


  • Lactose: NO
  • Gluten: NO
  • Egg: NO
  • Soya: NO
  • Dried Fruits: NO
  • Fish: NO
  • Crustacean: NO
  • Celery: NO


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