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AppetizersSicilian Hummus 170g


A Sicilian twist on the famous dish made with tahini and chickpeas

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Chickpea hummus is a richly flavored sauce that is widely used in Arab countries. The Sicilian version retains its main ingredients of cooked chickpeas and tahini sauce, but further enriches it with the intense flavor of capers, sun-dried tomatoes and the delicate flavor of almonds.

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Weight 0.36 kg


We recommend to shortly heat the product in a bain-marie or in the microwave (after removing the lid) to soften the texture. To enhance the flavor, add some extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

Excellent served on crackers and crostini or to accompany fresh vegetable crudités.


Chickpeas, Water, Sesame, Tomato conc., Extra virgin olive oil, Capers, Almonds, Sun-dried tomatoes, Sunflower oil, Lemon juice, Sea salt

Nutritional Value


  • Energy in kcal/kj: 197/822
  • Fat in g: 13,5
    • of which Saturates 1,8
  • Carbohydrate in g: 8,5
    • of which Sugars 0,5
  • Protein in g: 7,2
  • Salt in g: 0,4


  • Lactose: NO
  • Gluten: NO
  • Egg: NO
  • Soya: NO
  • Dried Fruits: SI
  • Fish: NO
  • Crustacean: NO
  • Celery: NO


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